Why spend BIG Bucks On A Spa?

Do it at home with the MOST BENEFITS

These are some of my own favorite natural ways to keep my skin soft, and healthy. It is also very healing for days after sun and wind.


Take about 7 freshly picked leaves of a living aloe vera plant, a quarter of a cucumber with it's peel left on, then add a peeled, seeded whole avocado and put them in a blender to make a slightly frothy concoction. Pour into a bowl. With a wire wisk, mix in 1 large pint of plain organic yogurt until well mixed together without lumps. There will be a little bit of texture from the cucumber skin and aloe leaves, but the rich antioxidants have now been released. For most benefit, make the cream just before you are ready to hop in the shower. After showering (and freshly washed, pinned up hair), fold a towel in half and sit comfortably on it on the shower floor. Make you can still safely reach the shower water knobs! Using your fingertips, begin at your ankles and dab the mixture from toe to head (save the face for last, paying attention not to get it in your eyes) and relax for at least 10 minutes, although 25 minutes is best. If you have one of those shower heads on a long cord this is best because you can leave some hot water going on a low pressure setting to keep a bit of steam around you. If you like, just use on your face and throat. Just make less. The full mixture amount can stay refrigerated in a tightly covered container for about 48 hours – but remember – the fresher, the better.

Almond Skin Smoother

  • Mix a 1/2 cup (or small jar) of well stired organic creamy almond butter
  • Wait 2 to 3 minutes. Gently massage the mixture over the skin surface for about a minute, being careful to avoid your eyes
  • A 1/2 freshly juiced pomegranate, and large tablespoon of honey
  • Rinse off with a soft sea sponge, and pat dry with a soft cloth.
  • Using your fingertips or a clean makeup blush brush and paint it in upward strokes on your neck and face.

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